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Base7booking was created for the needs of one hotel and carried on its development with the help of hospitality experts.​

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Property Management
Take advantage of a state-of-the-art  system that has all the tools you need to simplify your operations
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Increase occupancy with direct bookings by selling your inventory through your own website -without commissions or hidden fees.
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Channel Manager
Control all your distribution channels and promote your property with the best prices on the best platforms.
Leave the pen and paper behind

Modernize your system with the latest technology and simplify your processes to save time and money. Online distribution has never been easier.

Base7booking is a centralized, expandable management system
used in over 45 countries
"Base7booking is easy to use and full of good surprises! Finally, you can concentrate on the essential point in hospitality – be close to your guests."

Caroline Oggi, Walliserhof Hotel, Zermatt, Switzerland

"As a small hotel, this system has worked wonders for us and simplified our booking process. I would recommend the system to other hoteliers."

Josh Makrauer, Apple Creek Cottages, USA

"Thanks to Base7, our managers at Amarya can now have a better overview of the bookings. All the features Base7 offers makes our life easier and let us focus on the client's
experience in India."

AmaryaAmarya Group, Boutique Hotels in India

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